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How to avoid the injury to the scooter

Electric scooter manufacturers, parents should be how to protect the child's safety? Practice roller skating before the parents should let the children warm up, especially the wrist and lower limbs of the joints and ligaments, to fully open. You must let the children wear some protective equipment, such as roller skating dedicated wrist, elbow, knee and helmet and so on. In addition, the parents have to stay in mind, to help children check the skateboard pulley screws and other fastening parts are fastened, so as not to slip due to pulley problems and injuries.

In addition, parents have to guard the responsibility, so that beginners as much as possible in the small place to practice, do not arbitrarily glide. Especially in the public and many people outside the rolling skating, chasing slapstick, etc., which are both hinder others, but also prone to dangerous things.