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The principle of the electric wheelbarrow is introduced

Electric wheelbarrow is a new generation of energy saving, environmental protection, portable means of transport. Charging 1 hour, you can drive 15KM, short distance travel is very convenient, can replace the bus and subway. Electric wheelbarrow compact, easy to carry, the lightest only 8.6KG, can be directly into the trunk of the car, referring to the home or office.

In the context of increasingly serious environmental pollution, electric wheelbarrow as a new environmentally friendly means of transport, should be popular to ease the consumption of resources and air pollution.

The principle of electric wheelbarrow

Balanced truck manufacturer's inverted pendulum system: Inverted Pendulum System

The inverted pendulum system is an important branch and typical application of the control system. In fact, it can be understood under the control of the computer, through the real-time analysis of the various parameters of the system, the system in the horizontal or vertical direction of the displacement and angle (angular velocity) of the offset control within the allowable range, Thus keeping the system in balance.