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Influencing Factors Of Brake Device For Electric Scooter

There are three main types of electric scooter brake: brake, up brake and hanging brake. Brakes in the braking process, if the brakes too fast, the resistance required when the brake is not enough, it will shrink the brake to increase the friction between the brake pads and brake pads, this time will produce harsh "creak" sound The

According to industry insiders, in these three brake devices, hanging the lowest price, the worst performance, followed by brakes, up the effect of low noise, but the price is relatively high. At present, electric cars are generally front brake with hanging brake, rear brake is brakes, "This is mainly the result of low-cost competition." The person pointed out the key issues.

Reporters in the interview process also learned that the speed is too fast and too heavy body is also caused by excessive braking factors. Most of the maximum speed of electric scooters are more than the national provisions of the 20 km per hour, and many people with their bearer or cargo, causing the sound when the brake is too large.